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How does Coding Avenue differ from a typical code factory?

At a typical coding factory, specs are sent, code is written, and the job is billed and forgotten. At Coding Avenue, we dig deeper. We prefer to think of ourselves an efficient and reliable extension of your local development team, one that's always there for you.

Does Coding Avenue take one-off projects?

There is really no such thing as a one-off project. Problems occur. Updates are needed. We're with you through it all. Custom builds. Full-service support. Our objective is not just to deliver innovation solutions, but to provide a caliber of support CIOs demand to achieve their companies' short and long-term objectives.

Is Coding Avenue meant to complement or replace my in-house workforce?

The last thing we want to do is supplant your in-house team. Our goal is to complement your workforce's existing capabilities, and to expand its skillset through our hands-on, user-friendly training program.

How does Coding Avenue feel about client input?

Coding Avenue is a staunch advocate for both client engagement and developer interaction. The more feedback, the better. We're a two-way thoroughfare, not a one way street.