Our People

We’re all about leveraging global talent to maximize efficiency, and cultivating partnerships that help clients achieve their short- and long-term objectives. Our talent pool ranks second to none, and we take pride in giving each of our programmers the tools they need to succeed. They’re also given the space to do their best work, which includes interacting with, challenging, and supporting one another. The result is a custom solution that is thoroughly vetted by all twenty-eight members of our team, not just the developer that was assigned to the project.

"Programming made a big difference in my life. The right programmer can make a big difference for your business."

- Taylor Basilio,
Founder & President, Coding Avenue

"Coding Avenue gives its developers what we need to do our best work. The company is committed to its clients, and to helping its employees grow."

- Nino Labrador,
Software Developer, Coding Avenue